Crude oil buyers Black List -NEW



1. Aden International Inc Ufan Shafi Persona Non-Grata
2. AEG Global Pty Ltd (ACN: 120334901) t/as Emirates Asia
3. Airstream Business Trust Charl Van Der Merwe Non-Performer
4. ALEM INVEST CO. LTD Mr. K.Zhunisbek Fake Buyer
5. Alia Trading FZE Syed Qaiser Non-performer
6. Americo Trading Tracy Martinez Fake
7. AMET SERVICES, S.A. Mr. Neil Marshall Fake Buyer
8. Amrock Trust International Robert Gray Bruce Non-Performer
9. AMSAT ENERGY CORP LLC Karl-willy schweikle Fake Buyer
10. Ansad Petrol Oil & Gas
11. ARCO Globus Mr. Abe Citron, Fake Buyer
Mr. John M. Murphy Fake Buyer
12. Arevenca Refinery Fake Refinery
13. Aria Oil & Petrochemical Inc. Parviz Aria Non-Performer
14. Atlantic Commodities Mark Hassin Fake
16. Bahrain Petroleum Products Mr. Khalifa Non-Performer
17. Baltic Ships Ivan Pavel Fake Shipper
18. Bordiga Guido Bordiga Persona Non-Grata
19. Boronia Limited Noel Carroll Persona Non-Grata
20. Busaeco Panama City, Panama Non-Existent
21. Canal Tropic International Saliou Joel Lawani Non-performer (Fake RWA)
22. Capsian Energy & Industry ASC Antonius Hermanus Fake
23. COMEX LLC Dr. Satish Shah Fake
24. Cosmo International Petroleum Cosmas Omeja E. Fake Refinery/Seller
25. Crudex International Fake Buyer
26. Denolpa International Trading LLC Circumventor/Fake
27. DKR Investment Inc. Kara McIntosh* Fraudster
28. Double D Trade & Marketing Inc Persona Non-Grata
29. Fibonacci International Pty Ltd Dean Solly Persona Non-Grata
30. Global X LLC Mr Moises Urbina Non-Performer
31. GQ Financial Consulting
32. HAKINI USA LTD.CO. Fake Buyer
33. HFO Corporation PLC R H Abraham Fake Buyer
34. IEFS Jerry L Barnhill Persona Non-Grata
35. INDCOOP SA Andreas Hernandez Persona Non-Grata
36. International Gas & Oil Fake Seller
37. International Oil and Gas Michael Towers Fake
38. JAH Resources Tony Truscott Persona Non-Grata
39. JAIRUS OIL & GAS, UK Fake Buyer
40. LSM Global Marketing & Investments, LLC Mr Syed Habib Ali Fake Buyer
41. Mottib Trading Yassen Mohammed Persona Non-Grata
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42. Nexgen E2 Ltd Erwin Thurston Non-Performer
43. Ningbo United Group Limited Non-Performer
44. NK ENERGOGAS NOR Mr. Artem Demidov Fake Supplier
45. Nussex Limited Sergey / Elin Persona Non-Grata
46. OAO Integral Fake Refinery
47. OAO Kamneftegaz Fake Refinery
48. OAO Kravoil Fake Refinery
49. OAO Russneft Fake Refinery
50. Oil Trade LLC Sophia Persona Non-Grata
51. Petroplus Premier Investment Ronald Fune Persona Non-Grata
52. Plimar International LLC Maria Pondal Non-Performer
53. Premiere Capital Holdings LLC Karl Asplund Non-Performer (Fake-MT799)
54. Prime Time Asset Persona Non-Grata
55. REVCO LLC Ralph Abercia Non-Performer
56. RSK Logistics & Trading GmbH A.M. SAQIB Fake Buyer
57. Runic Commercial Brokers Persona Non-Grata
58. S.C. PANGIRAN BUDI SERVICES S.R.L (Romania) Fake Buyer
59. SASA LLC Non-Performer
60. Sir Thomas Wyld & Company LLC Fake Buyer (Fake BCL)
61. Sovereign Oil & Gas IBC Michael Khait Persona Non-Grata
62. Starway Industries Scott Stubbs Persona Non-Grata
63. Tariq International Mohd Tarique Zaheer Persona Non-Grata
64. Technovo AG Bernd Mayrl Persona Non-Grata
65. Tiger Development John Harkten Persona Non-Grata
66. Virgins Shipping Lines UK Ltd Jonathan Ekow Eghan Persona Non-Grata
67. Welltron Energy International Persona Non-Grata
68. Worldwide Coastal Energy LLC Dave Herman Non-Performer
69. Worldwide Property Marketing Anne Bradshaw Persona Non-Grata
Intermediaries / Brokers to avoid:
1. Tom Teo Impersonating as SGG’s US Mandate
2. Pape Sethi impersonating with Signatory powers in SGG
3. Husain Alhatemi Persona Non-Grata
4. Stephen Sagun Persona Non-Grata
5. Thomas Bahne Persona Non-Grata
6. Mirosław Puzio Persona Non-Grata
7. Frank Mezias Persona Non-Grata
8. John Lim Fake Seller Mandate
9. Peter Brown Persona Non-Grata
10. James E. White Persona Non-Grata
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1. SibirTranzitNeft by Vasily Vlasov tel 791698691...
2. ZAO Sorcont Oils
3. SibirNeft
4. Icon Oil by Mr. Shateav tel 749550690...
5. OOO Integral tel 749597114...
6. OOO Rucas Oil&Gas by Mr. M. Petrovich
7. OAO AchinskNeft by Yury Kosyuk tel 790300630...
8. OAO Ruslaneft Co LTD tel 792673259...
9. NikitOil by Nikita Ivanovich
10. TatNeft tel 749551834...
11. Intercont Oil
12. NovostiNeft Oil
13. Interlot-Oil
14. kamneft
16. Russibneft
17. Transnafta
18. Utkaneft by Russlan Chacov
19. Omeganeftgas by Alexandrovitch Vladimir Dimitry & his Mandate Margarita Berrutti
20. ZAO Fennix
21. Alduke Holdings-Sibneftprom
22. Soyuz Corporation
23. Igion Oil or Icon oil & Gas
24. Rusneftprom
25. Golden Oil
26. Zorin Energy Resources
27. Sogaz or Zhogaz
28. Etc.

Crude oil buyers directory


The specificities of the two types of crude oil (crude oil) that you can offer your Buyer / Refinery.
The crude is IRAQ origin.

Availability is of 30,000,000 BBLS (Barile) of LIGHT CRUDE OIL (Light)>>> veer specifications attached (CRUDE OIL SPEC.)

and the same number (30,000,000 BBLS) HEAVY CRUDE OIL (Heavy)>>> veer attached specifications (FUEL OIL 180).

A potential Buyer (buyer) can tell you that business, because no presumption to my personal contact with the authorities in Iraq, it is true and real to 100%.

The procedure for sawing away the business is very simple if ... the buyer is real:

- THE BUYER SEND YOUR LOI addressed to SOMO (Iraq's oil Istitucion) according to the indications that I would tell you if ... your CONFIRMS buyer who is interested to buy one of the two products

(Or the crude or heavy oil).

- To receive the LOI, the Buyer will send the DRAFT CONTRACT for review, return it to me then was to send the final contract (the HARD COPY CONTRACT).

- Then, by depositing the contract in the respective banks of the Buyer and the Seller, the two banks will get back to the simultaneous transmission of the POF (proof existence background) and POP

(Existence proof product).

- Successfully completed the bank communication POF / POP, the Seller deliver the product from the classic payment through a DLC payable against shipping documents.


If the Buyer is interested in purchasing this CRUDE OIL (as light or heavy) and have the funds to purchase, the business is done.

Let me know urgently if you can get me a real and serious Buyer and I do business with you and no advertising that you do, please!